Tokyo Marui M4A1 AEG with EBB

There is a new SOCOM Tokyo Marui on the market. While another M4 isn't anything too new, this one does have an EBB (Electric Blow Back) system which TM calls its SHOOT & RECOIL Engine Version 2. It has a functional lock-bolt, pictured below, so it locks the bolt back on the last BB that's fired and the gun stops; I have to slam in a fresh mag and press the bolt release button to rock-n-roll (check out the video below for examples). Also the dust cover flips open on the first round fired.

Echo1 releases new ER-25

Echo1 has a new model out called the ER-25. Basically styled like an SR-25 with free floating RIS rail system, iron sites, and vertical grip. Nice pistol grips too. Check out the video below from Echo1.

echo1 aeg er-25

Echo1 says the new weapon includes:


SOCOM Gear releases new M4

Greedy Gun Runners has spotted a new M4 from SOCOM Gear. It is basically a WE GBB M4 with an all metal receiver that is officially licensed from NOVESKE Rifleworks, so it has their real trademarks. The setup includes a Noveske flash unit, functional bolt catch, 4 position stock, 30 round mag, and "Hardkicking" Gas Blowback. Not sure what kicking has to do with a gun but it sounds aesome.

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