Tactical Legos for all ages

Here is a list of all the best Lego "toys" for kids of all ages.


Get your customized Lego figures and weapons over here.



Why play with space Legos when you can have one of these instead?

MultiCam sells excess fabric to ShamWow

CRYE has joined with German Based company, ShamWow, in an effort to cut 2nd quarter losses. The decision has been made to cut rolls of literal miles of Multicam fabric, to be sold to German company ShamWow.

It is expected this is an attempt to recoup some of the costs of CRYE's fabrication loses. Be on the lookout for MiltiWow, the new super absorbent towel, to hit the shelves in June. It is being marketed by the German company as the Towel that you can never misplace, making reference to the pattern that can be easily seen in front of nearly any surrounding found in nature on this planet.

Multicam Loses Proposed UN Contract

Another smashing blow to Multicam as it has once again lost hope of a large contract. Our GGR reporter met with Mulicam CEO, who we interviewed last week while he sipped on a buttery nipple at a local pub called the Pompas Rose. The CEO said he "had hoped the UN would recognize the marginal improvement." But even at paintball players pricing, the UN couldn't be coerced to see the negligible improvement as worthwhile. It seems they will be staying with their UN blue rather than downgrading to Multicam. 


USAF opens new Fitness Center - air crews train how to sweat

GGR got a sneak peak at the outside of a new training facility at the Malmstrom Air Force Base. The first phase the 80,000-square-foot fitness center at cost $12 million.

The grand opening featured balloon animals, a petting zoo, and a pin the tail on the pilot booth. Unfortunately, this event was only open to enlisted personnel from the USAF.

A USAF Spokesman announced in the press release that the new training center will promote fun for the whole crew. They will even be having monthly "bring your kid to play days" to share in the vast nothingness that their parents have come to know as a career in the USAF.

The new center has volleyball courts, sewing and knitting classes, a state of the art Wii Sports Center, Hot-tubs for 2, and locker rooms big enough for a crew of 4 (Don't ask). The facility's second phase will include a swimming pool for deck crews to practice their synchronized swimming routines, and "other" amenities. Despite several requests, USAF Spokesman stated that details on these other amenities are deemed classified.


USMC Reports - Motocycles are dangerous

The USA Today is running a story that more Marines died last year in state side motorcycle wreaks then in either Iraq or Afghanistan. 25 US Marines died in just 2008, while the US Army suffered 51 losses in the same year. To combat these deaths Marine bases are offering motorcycle training classes; making it a requirement before you can ride your bike on base.

Greedy Gun Runners reviews Multicam in our testing labs

New research shows that Multicam is only effective when being used in front of more Multicam. Photo shown from Testing Lab.




Breaking News: Crye gets first multicam army contract

Multicam gets their long awaited first contract! Not by the military, but from Mattel. Now paintball players will feel more tactical knowing their beloved camo is being used on GI-Joe Dolls! It is rumored the doll will be named: MultiKen
Zing!!! Smacktime on Multicam.


Multicam spotted in spy satellite

GGR now has access to the same image enhancement software used by CSI NY (Just the TV Show).

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