Call of Duty WaW Der Riese (the giant) leaked?

Believe us when we say this sounds a little weird. One of our GGRs left his XBOX on last night while still in a World at War zombie map and this morning it asks him to update his WaW game. After the update his XBOX has lists of players for the new Der Riese zombie map! The leader board shows up with the developer's gamer tags even.

test gallery - lightbox effects

Check out a studio quality photo shoot of our Greedy Guns.


Tokyo Marui M4A1 AEG with EBB

There is a new SOCOM Tokyo Marui on the market. While another M4 isn't anything too new, this one does have an EBB (Electric Blow Back) system which TM calls its SHOOT & RECOIL Engine Version 2. It has a functional lock-bolt, pictured below, so it locks the bolt back on the last BB that's fired and the gun stops; I have to slam in a fresh mag and press the bolt release button to rock-n-roll (check out the video below for examples). Also the dust cover flips open on the first round fired.

Madbull Makes a BB Video (must have been a school day)

Check out the MadBull Airsoft BB manufacturing process video on YouTube. Rather slick stuff. We were able to smuggle it out by strapping a hidden camera to one of the 6 year old workers sweeping up spilled BBs.  We were very impressed with the technical advancements and robotics. This has greatly improved quality and lowered the price from what was previously a labor intensive job. To there credit the kids did a fantastic job with their tiny little fingers.

eHobby offering 5% discount on all items - no minimum required

It took quite a bit of 'negotiating' but Greedy Gun Runners has pressured eHobby into a 5% discount on all items. No coupon code needed and no minimum purchase required. Who says waterboarding isn't effective?


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Echo1 releases new ER-25

Echo1 has a new model out called the ER-25. Basically styled like an SR-25 with free floating RIS rail system, iron sites, and vertical grip. Nice pistol grips too. Check out the video below from Echo1.

echo1 aeg er-25

Echo1 says the new weapon includes:


Get your Greedy hands on a free Minigun!

Oh yeah, nothing gets a Greedy Gun Runner moving faster then a free gun! And a free minigun just about... well I have to go change my BDUs again. Just head over to Echo1's Myspace page and get all of the Greedy details. The complete and official Echo1 rules are right here (Word Doc Download).



Think outside the box and get motivated. Create the video you want to watch, not the video you've already seen. Now's the time to get those creative juices flowing with the Echo1USA Video Challenge! We can't offer any Oscars, but

SOCOM Gear releases new M4

Greedy Gun Runners has spotted a new M4 from SOCOM Gear. It is basically a WE GBB M4 with an all metal receiver that is officially licensed from NOVESKE Rifleworks, so it has their real trademarks. The setup includes a Noveske flash unit, functional bolt catch, 4 position stock, 30 round mag, and "Hardkicking" Gas Blowback. Not sure what kicking has to do with a gun but it sounds aesome.

New free magazine from USASOC Airsoft

Trade Journels! Here at Greedy Gun Runners we love magazines. Especially the kind you can roll up and use to kill spiders. But this fine journel is better off read. USASOC Airsoft Magazine has released a new issue, their 16th. Created right here in the USA, it focuses on products and news that are close to your heart. This is a 41MB PDF file... wow. Give it a few minutes to download but these guys are serious on quality. The photos are all HD.

Battle the Machines on your iPhone - Terminator Salvation

Before you call me a whimp, its okay to be a Greedy Gun Runner and own an iPhone. Right Bishop? Now I can run from the machines while running from the man. This game looks great even on the iPhone. Here at GGR we cannot wait to get our greedy hands on the console version.


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