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Drop in trigger jobs for 870 Shotguns

Shooting Illustrated has a great story on a new Timney drop in sear for the Remington 870 shotgun. Well known for their excellent trigger kits for rifles like the Ruger 10/22 or the AR, this Timney solution will be a welcome option for the 870. While the 870 is very easy to break down, and even upgrade yourself, many do not want to mess with the actual triggers. Timney now makes even this task rather simple.

15% off at OPSGEAR

OPSGear has a bunch of items already on discount, check out their Clearence section for up to 50% off. But Greedy Gun Runner was just told that with this discount code below you can get up to an additional 15% off!

New Military Run Flat Tires

Following the successful completion of a 21-month collaborative agreement, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory awarded a four-year contract to Resilient Technologies to continue the development and testing of its unique, patent pending non-pneumatic (airless) tire (NPT) for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee). The NPT will not go flat if shot or hit by shrapnel from a roadside bomb. This groundbreaking product will safeguard U.S. military personnel by providing continuous mobility during hostile events.


This Greedy Gun Runner Camouflage Project Page. It will always be kept up to date with the latest info we have on this subject.


Major Camo Patterns

Disruptive/Displacement Pattern Material (DPM) is used by the UK - wiki.


Airtronic produces an RPG-7 for the US Military (with minor design inputs from the original)

The most famous individual anti-armor weapon in history is now in U.S. hands. Airtronic USA is announcing their production of the RPG –7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher along with a complete complement of ammunition – all manufactured in United States facilities. The Airtronic USA product is a combination of the simplicity of action and operation of the original RPG-7 design matched with American manufacturing precision and technology.

Wearable Sniper gunfire system locates your enemy - designer colors on backorder


In an effort to get all soldiers one step closer to the Bionic Man, Planning Systems (part of QinetiQ) has released Ears-MM. The "MM" stands for Man Mounted - no this was not intended for the Navy. Normally a soldier knows that someone is shooting at him, but knowing where the shot came from it more challenging.

LA Police Gear has 15% off all of their RS gear

LA Police Gear has a huge selection of RS items; including Maxpedition, 5.11, Surefire, Blackhawk, Underarmor and others. We have gotten our Greedy hands on their stuff before and love it. Check out their already cheap tactical pants in 5 different colors.

Make sure to check out these BDU pants for $8.

GGR Reports - Shoot outs at a Toys r Us.

OPSGEAR has now opened their Defensive Handgun courses to civilians. While not something your average Greedy Gun Runner would attend, their promotional video is pretty cool. Just be careful as the opening diverts to sad emotional music with a real life urban personal defense story that touches the heart of any Gun Runner... a shoot out at a Toys r Us. I know a few GGRs that would have cap'd that fool with a concealed carry TM GGB; with full trades! Take that!

USMC Reports - Motocycles are dangerous

The USA Today is running a story that more Marines died last year in state side motorcycle wreaks then in either Iraq or Afghanistan. 25 US Marines died in just 2008, while the US Army suffered 51 losses in the same year. To combat these deaths Marine bases are offering motorcycle training classes; making it a requirement before you can ride your bike on base.

Arrrghhh - Pirates be attacking my ship

Modern day piracy on the high seas is captured for our greedy viewing pleasure. This video was taken during the assault on the U.S. flagged Liberty Sun, which was carrying food aid to Kenya (and a small stash of our guns!). RPGs rocked the ship and one sailor yells "They hit my room, man! Blew up my bed." Well what do you expect? Let them have! Blast them with your deck mounted guns!

Unfortunately the video is about as hard to watch as sitting 2 feet from the screen of Cloverfield the movie. 

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