Wearable Sniper gunfire system locates your enemy - designer colors on backorder



In an effort to get all soldiers one step closer to the Bionic Man, Planning Systems (part of QinetiQ) has released Ears-MM. The "MM" stands for Man Mounted - no this was not intended for the Navy. Normally a soldier knows that someone is shooting at him, but knowing where the shot came from it more challenging.

Some of you might be familiar with the Boomerang system mentioned on Future Weapons (see video below); but that had to have a Humvee drive it around. This extremely small device is a shrunk down version of systems that Planning Systems originally mounted to vehicles or buildings. Despite its size this "Man Mounted" (yeah its still funny) device can detect the bearing and absolute position of enemy fire or snipers from just the sound of the first shot. After discussing this technology with other Gun Runners we determine this is a much better strategy then bribing locals to run back and forth. We used to use the helmet on a stick approach but we like our CVC helmets too much.

It uses microphones to pick up the sound of the bullet wizzing by your head. And just in case you can't see the readout while your face is eating the dirt it has audio prompts - we are trying to verify if its the voice of Bruce Wllis. The Ears system can be deployed in Ears/SWATS (Shoulder-Worn Acoustic Targeting System), Ears-VM (Vehicle Mounted), Ears-FS (Fixed Site), Ears-MC (Mobile Checkpoint), and Ears-UG (Unattended Ground) configurations. For better marketing to our civilian clients in Israel and Virginia; GGR is attempting to locate a selection of designer colors. For the $9m that the US Army is paying we hope it comes in more then just this pink shade of tan.

In our committment to deliver the very best intel we are still waiting for confirmation that Ears-MM will pin point the source of in bound 6mm airsoft fire... but Planning Systems has not returned our calls.

Ears-MM sniper detectionEars-MM sniper detection