Tokyo Marui M4A1 AEG with EBB


There is a new SOCOM Tokyo Marui on the market. While another M4 isn't anything too new, this one does have an EBB (Electric Blow Back) system which TM calls its SHOOT & RECOIL Engine Version 2. It has a functional lock-bolt, pictured below, so it locks the bolt back on the last BB that's fired and the gun stops; I have to slam in a fresh mag and press the bolt release button to rock-n-roll (check out the video below for examples). Also the dust cover flips open on the first round fired. Note that this uses its own specific mags so you won't be using your old ones on this gun, but the included 82 round mag converts to a 30 rounder with the flip of a switch! Greedy Gun Runners has spotted the weapon at eHobby $428, and RedWolf $429.

Word is that this weapon uses:

  • EG1000 Motor
  • EBB - SHOOT & RECOIL Engine Version 2
  • Functional Lock Bolt
  • 82 round mag included (uses unique mags - 30rd and 480rd also available)
  • 280 FPS
  • 860MM (34 inches)