Hide like a Greedy Gun Runner with cheap euro camo


Wow! Sportsman's Guide has dropped the price of some of their European Camo to within easy reach of a Greedy Gun Runner. Sure we have huge lots of ACU and MARPAT available... what self respecting Gun Runner wouldn't. But sometimes you need to stay on the DL or impress the few and proud that can recognize valuable imports. We have bought from them before and the stuff it great. 


French Military Work Shirts are 3 for $15 - Similar to US Woodland, but leave it to the Frenchies to make a tailored army shirt that fits well and looks good. Greedy Gun Runners love these French army shirts because they hold up very well when crawling away from the enemy - perfect for when we crawl post a checkpoint! Reinforced shoulders allow French shirts to withstand repeated transitions to raised arm "I surrender" field signals.



Dutch Military Shirts are 4 for $15 - This shirt uses the British DPM (like a Woodland crossed with VN Tiger). We looked closely and there are no signs of tulip stains and no hashish left in the pockets. The pants are very rare due to the long hours on dutch army bicycles; that tends to wear out the crouch.