Echo1 releases new ER-25


Echo1 has a new model out called the ER-25. Basically styled like an SR-25 with free floating RIS rail system, iron sites, and vertical grip. Nice pistol grips too. Check out the video below from Echo1.

echo1 aeg er-25

Echo1 says the new weapon includes:


  • Full metal body and floating URX RIS unit (sells for $80 at ASGI)
  • standard length spring (400+ FPS)
  • low resistance wiring with MOSFET system built in
  • iron sites (BUIS)
  • adjustable crane stock with custom battery
  • quick detach barrel extension
  • 7mm bearings in a reinforced GB
  • 1 piece metal hopup
  • They claim the motor is strong enough for any spring on the market
  • ported piston head
  • double o-ring cylinder head