Arrrghhh - Pirates be attacking my ship


Modern day piracy on the high seas is captured for our greedy viewing pleasure. This video was taken during the assault on the U.S. flagged Liberty Sun, which was carrying food aid to Kenya (and a small stash of our guns!). RPGs rocked the ship and one sailor yells "They hit my room, man! Blew up my bed." Well what do you expect? Let them have! Blast them with your deck mounted guns!

Unfortunately the video is about as hard to watch as sitting 2 feet from the screen of Cloverfield the movie. 

Welllllllll..... GGR hates to point fingers (we would rather point a greedy gun) but its rumored that some tree hugging dirty old hippy has outlawed "legal" guns on international waters. I can carry a concealed handgun in Texas but I can't shoot a pirate on open water. Many ship owners, including this shipper's CEO Philip Shapiro, have been pentioning our Congress to arm their sailors. Yeah! I want to see more action, so Greedy Gun Runners suggest that they also provide handi-cams for all crews.