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Custom Knife Making

Here is a list of research that Greedy Gun Runners has put together regarding making your own custom knife.


Custom Knife Making

Edged Weapons

Like many Greedy Gun Runners we started out running edged weapons like knives, tomahawks and machettes.


Info For Custom Knife Making


There are 5 major Blade Profile:

  • Chisel Grind - has only one side of the blade sharpened
  • Hollow
  • Convex
  • V Grind
  • Flat Grind - 1 single smooth slope from the spine to where the edge bevel begins

Here is a list of the major Steel Type:


This Greedy Gun Runner Camouflage Project Page. It will always be kept up to date with the latest info we have on this subject.


Major Camo Patterns

Disruptive/Displacement Pattern Material (DPM) is used by the UK - wiki.


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