Photo Recon

Get down and dirty with our very own Greedy Gun Runner recon photographer, Bishop. Check out the recon photos below for wallpapers, local event coverage and our very own greedy images.

Hi Res HQ Photos of Military Vehicles and Aircraft

You have to check out this amazing site for HiRes/HQ images of weapons, aircraft and vehicles.They are very well organized and easy to browse through. We have used them to create our very own wallpapers. Enjoy!
Jets, Helos, Props

Now that's a cake

We recently threw a party for one of our Greedy Gun Runner's and of course a regular cake just wouldn't do. Here is a pic of our Claymore Cake.


Claymore Cake mine

Summer Glau from the Terminator TV show uses KJW Airsoft Glocks

She just did the new promo photo shoots for the TV show, and I saw she is using KJW Airsoft Glocks, even for a nationwide print campaign. I'm going to capitalize on this by writing an article about it. Most of the photos make it too hard to tell, but being me, I found Hi-Res images that show all the trades. She is also using an M16 in one new poster from the same shoot, and I can't tell the brand, but I would expect that too to be airsoft.


Summer Glau

test gallery - lightbox effects

Check out a studio quality photo shoot of our Greedy Guns.


Ghillie Sniper Tries to Hide

One of our own Greedy Gun Runners built a ghillie suit from scratch. Check out our Projects for the full story and our greedy directions for building it yourself.

Sniper Rifle Photoshoot

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