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Major Camo Patterns

Disruptive/Displacement Pattern Material (DPM) is used by the UK - wiki.


ACU stands for Army Combat Uniform and therefore is actually the name of the style or "cut" of the modern, NOT the pattern of camo as most think. The pattern used is called Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP). The ACU uniform replaced the BDU and DCU styles.


MARPAT - This is the modern uniform of the USMC. There is some arguement as to whether the USMC took their MARPAT design from the Canadian CADPAT. Here is one story. Check out what Military Morons has to say on this issue (half way down the page). They say that CADPAT tested terrible when wet in IR light. They also say that "Cayote" was a color swatch from the Ralph Lauren paint section of Home Depot!


Greedy Gun Runners has built some of our own ghillie suits designed for the Texas prairie. This suit is made out of individually pulled Jute/Burlap threads attached to a BDU with fish netting.

Greedy Gun Runner Ghillie Suite

Here is some information and resources for building your own Ghillie Suite;


These are the companies that sell camo uniforms in children's sizes:

If you need patches try these resources:


External Camo Resources: