Wearable Sniper gunfire system locates your enemy - designer colors on backorder


In an effort to get all soldiers one step closer to the Bionic Man, Planning Systems (part of QinetiQ) has released Ears-MM. The "MM" stands for Man Mounted - no this was not intended for the Navy. Normally a soldier knows that someone is shooting at him, but knowing where the shot came from it more challenging.

Tokyo Marui M4A1 AEG with EBB

There is a new SOCOM Tokyo Marui on the market. While another M4 isn't anything too new, this one does have an EBB (Electric Blow Back) system which TM calls its SHOOT & RECOIL Engine Version 2. It has a functional lock-bolt, pictured below, so it locks the bolt back on the last BB that's fired and the gun stops; I have to slam in a fresh mag and press the bolt release button to rock-n-roll (check out the video below for examples). Also the dust cover flips open on the first round fired.

Madbull Makes a BB Video (must have been a school day)

Check out the MadBull Airsoft BB manufacturing process video on YouTube. Rather slick stuff. We were able to smuggle it out by strapping a hidden camera to one of the 6 year old workers sweeping up spilled BBs.  We were very impressed with the technical advancements and robotics. This has greatly improved quality and lowered the price from what was previously a labor intensive job. To there credit the kids did a fantastic job with their tiny little fingers.

LA Police Gear has 15% off all of their RS gear

LA Police Gear has a huge selection of RS items; including Maxpedition, 5.11, Surefire, Blackhawk, Underarmor and others. We have gotten our Greedy hands on their stuff before and love it. Check out their already cheap tactical pants in 5 different colors.

Make sure to check out these BDU pants for $8.

eHobby offering 5% discount on all items - no minimum required

It took quite a bit of 'negotiating' but Greedy Gun Runners has pressured eHobby into a 5% discount on all items. No coupon code needed and no minimum purchase required. Who says waterboarding isn't effective?


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USAF opens new Fitness Center - air crews train how to sweat

GGR got a sneak peak at the outside of a new training facility at the Malmstrom Air Force Base. The first phase the 80,000-square-foot fitness center at cost $12 million.

The grand opening featured balloon animals, a petting zoo, and a pin the tail on the pilot booth. Unfortunately, this event was only open to enlisted personnel from the USAF.

A USAF Spokesman announced in the press release that the new training center will promote fun for the whole crew. They will even be having monthly "bring your kid to play days" to share in the vast nothingness that their parents have come to know as a career in the USAF.

The new center has volleyball courts, sewing and knitting classes, a state of the art Wii Sports Center, Hot-tubs for 2, and locker rooms big enough for a crew of 4 (Don't ask). The facility's second phase will include a swimming pool for deck crews to practice their synchronized swimming routines, and "other" amenities. Despite several requests, USAF Spokesman stated that details on these other amenities are deemed classified.


GGR Reports - Shoot outs at a Toys r Us.

OPSGEAR has now opened their Defensive Handgun courses to civilians. While not something your average Greedy Gun Runner would attend, their promotional video is pretty cool. Just be careful as the opening diverts to sad emotional music with a real life urban personal defense story that touches the heart of any Gun Runner... a shoot out at a Toys r Us. I know a few GGRs that would have cap'd that fool with a concealed carry TM GGB; with full trades! Take that!

Echo1 releases new ER-25

Echo1 has a new model out called the ER-25. Basically styled like an SR-25 with free floating RIS rail system, iron sites, and vertical grip. Nice pistol grips too. Check out the video below from Echo1.

echo1 aeg er-25

Echo1 says the new weapon includes:


USMC Reports - Motocycles are dangerous

The USA Today is running a story that more Marines died last year in state side motorcycle wreaks then in either Iraq or Afghanistan. 25 US Marines died in just 2008, while the US Army suffered 51 losses in the same year. To combat these deaths Marine bases are offering motorcycle training classes; making it a requirement before you can ride your bike on base.

Arrrghhh - Pirates be attacking my ship

Modern day piracy on the high seas is captured for our greedy viewing pleasure. This video was taken during the assault on the U.S. flagged Liberty Sun, which was carrying food aid to Kenya (and a small stash of our guns!). RPGs rocked the ship and one sailor yells "They hit my room, man! Blew up my bed." Well what do you expect? Let them have! Blast them with your deck mounted guns!

Unfortunately the video is about as hard to watch as sitting 2 feet from the screen of Cloverfield the movie. 

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