Drop in trigger jobs for 870 Shotguns

Shooting Illustrated has a great story on a new Timney drop in sear for the Remington 870 shotgun. Well known for their excellent trigger kits for rifles like the Ruger 10/22 or the AR, this Timney solution will be a welcome option for the 870. While the 870 is very easy to break down, and even upgrade yourself, many do not want to mess with the actual triggers. Timney now makes even this task rather simple.

15% off at OPSGEAR

OPSGear has a bunch of items already on discount, check out their Clearence section for up to 50% off. But Greedy Gun Runner was just told that with this discount code below you can get up to an additional 15% off!



New Military Run Flat Tires

Following the successful completion of a 21-month collaborative agreement, the U.S. Army Research Laboratory awarded a four-year contract to Resilient Technologies to continue the development and testing of its unique, patent pending non-pneumatic (airless) tire (NPT) for the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee). The NPT will not go flat if shot or hit by shrapnel from a roadside bomb. This groundbreaking product will safeguard U.S. military personnel by providing continuous mobility during hostile events.

Hi Res HQ Photos of Military Vehicles and Aircraft

You have to check out this amazing site for HiRes/HQ images of weapons, aircraft and vehicles.They are very well organized and easy to browse through. We have used them to create our very own wallpapers. Enjoy!
Jets, Helos, Props


Now that's a cake

We recently threw a party for one of our Greedy Gun Runner's and of course a regular cake just wouldn't do. Here is a pic of our Claymore Cake.


Claymore Cake mine

Summer Glau from the Terminator TV show uses KJW Airsoft Glocks

She just did the new promo photo shoots for the TV show, and I saw she is using KJW Airsoft Glocks, even for a nationwide print campaign. I'm going to capitalize on this by writing an article about it. Most of the photos make it too hard to tell, but being me, I found Hi-Res images that show all the trades. She is also using an M16 in one new poster from the same shoot, and I can't tell the brand, but I would expect that too to be airsoft.


Summer Glau

Call of Duty WaW Der Riese (the giant) leaked?

Believe us when we say this sounds a little weird. One of our GGRs left his XBOX on last night while still in a World at War zombie map and this morning it asks him to update his WaW game. After the update his XBOX has lists of players for the new Der Riese zombie map! The leader board shows up with the developer's gamer tags even.

Airtronic produces an RPG-7 for the US Military (with minor design inputs from the original)

The most famous individual anti-armor weapon in history is now in U.S. hands. Airtronic USA is announcing their production of the RPG –7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher along with a complete complement of ammunition – all manufactured in United States facilities. The Airtronic USA product is a combination of the simplicity of action and operation of the original RPG-7 design matched with American manufacturing precision and technology.

MultiCam sells excess fabric to ShamWow

CRYE has joined with German Based company, ShamWow, in an effort to cut 2nd quarter losses. The decision has been made to cut rolls of literal miles of Multicam fabric, to be sold to German company ShamWow.

It is expected this is an attempt to recoup some of the costs of CRYE's fabrication loses. Be on the lookout for MiltiWow, the new super absorbent towel, to hit the shelves in June. It is being marketed by the German company as the Towel that you can never misplace, making reference to the pattern that can be easily seen in front of nearly any surrounding found in nature on this planet.

Multicam Loses Proposed UN Contract

Another smashing blow to Multicam as it has once again lost hope of a large contract. Our GGR reporter met with Mulicam CEO, who we interviewed last week while he sipped on a buttery nipple at a local pub called the Pompas Rose. The CEO said he "had hoped the UN would recognize the marginal improvement." But even at paintball players pricing, the UN couldn't be coerced to see the negligible improvement as worthwhile. It seems they will be staying with their UN blue rather than downgrading to Multicam. 


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